Peer-reviewed Articles

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Why Not Run? How The Demands of Fundraising Undermine Ambition for Higher Office (with William Marble). [link, under review]

Public-facing Articles

2022 Local Government Leadership Gender Gap Report (with Ayenna Cagaanan and Christine Dean). CivicPulse Website  (March 2022). [link]

Where Are Local Governments Prioritizing Their Elders? (with Conor Ryan and Jacqueline Chattopadhyay). CivicPulse Website  (February 25, 2022). [link]

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Problem or Solution? Cybersecurity and Cloud-based “Software as a Service” in Local Government (with Sara Guenther). CivicPulse Website  (August 30, 2021). [link]

Who leads local government? (with Lindsey Washburn). CivicPulse Website  (February 25, 2021). [link]

What Type of Revenue Makes a Local Government Most Resilient to the Pandemic Recession? (with Michael Hotard). CivicPulse Website  (January 28, 2021). [link]

Latest Findings on The Gender Gap in Local Government (with Benedicte Adair and Brytan Mendes). CivicPulse Website  (November 1, 2020). [link]

The Role of Software in Local Government: Assessing Impact, Priorities, and Challenges of Software Across Eight Different Areas of Local Government. CivicPulse Website  (August 26, 2020). [link]

Improving Citizen Engagement in Online Forums & Public Meetings (with Brian Murphy). ELGL (July 13, 2020).[link]

Should We Open Up? Our National Survey of Local Government Officials Shows We May Not Have A Choice (with Jonathan Chu and Emily Katz) CivicPulse Website  (June 22, 2020). [link]

Local Government Spending Priorities in the Wake of COVID-19 (with Jonathan Chu and Emily Katz) CivicPulse Website  (May 1, 2020). [link]

The Local Government Perspective on COVID-19 (with Jonathan Chu and Emily Katz) CivicPulse Website  (March 26, 2020). [link]

How Would Gun Laws Change If Local Governments Took Charge? Local Policymakers’ Attitudes Toward Gun Laws Across the U.S. (with Emily Katz) CivicPulse Website  (January, 2020). [link]