Articles and Working Papers

Subnational Bipartisanship on Climate Change: Evidence from Surveys of Local and State Policymakers (with Dominik Stecuła). Climatic Change (2021). [link]

More Accurate But No Less Polarized: Comparing the Factual Beliefs of Government Officials and the Public (with Brendan Nyhan, Jason Reifler, and D.J. Flynn). British Journal of Political Science (2020). [link]

Discounting Environmental Policy: The Effects of Psychological Distance Over Time and Space (with Gregg Sparkman and Bobbie Macdonald). Journal of Environmental Psychology (February 2021). [link]

American Law Enforcement Responses to COVID-19 (with Matthew Kugler, Mariana Oliver, and Jonathan Chu). Journal of Criminal Law & Criminology Online (Forthcoming). [link]

When Competition Plays Clean: How Electricity Market Liberalization Facilitated State-level Climate Policies In The United States. Energy Policy (2020). [link]

Do Policymakers Listen to Experts? Evidence from a National Survey of Local and State Policymakers. [link, R&R at American Political Science Review]

Where Do Women Serve? A Comprehensive Analysis of the Gender Gap in U.S. Government. [link for paper, link for data]

Polarization in Subnational Government: Evidence from Surveys of Township, Municipal, County, and State Policymakers (with Michelangelo Landgrave and Kirk Bansak). [link]

False Dichotomies and the Biased Representation of Climate Science in Congress (with Sara Yeganeh, Elizabeth Suhay, and Erin Nash). [link, under review]

How Policymakers Evaluate Online versus Offline Constituent Messages (with Kaiping Chen and William Marble). [link, under review]

Why Not Run? How The Demands of Fundraising Undermine Ambition for Higher Office (with William Marble). [link, under review]