Public Reports

Latest Findings on The Gender Gap in Local Government
Nathan Lee, Benedicte Adair, and Brytan Mendes
November 1, 2020

The Role of Software in Local Government: Assessing Impact, Priorities, and Challenges of Software Across Eight Different Areas of Local Government
CivicPulse Insights
August 26, 2020

Should We Open Up? Our National Survey of Local Government Officials Shows We May Not Have A Choice
Jonathan Chu, Emily Katz, and Nathan Lee
June 22, 2020

Local Government Spending Priorities in the Wake of COVID-19
Jonathan Chu, Emily Katz, and Nathan Lee
May 1, 2020

The Local Government Perspective on COVID-19
Jonathan Chu, Emily Katz, and Nathan Lee
March 26, 2020

How Would Gun Laws Change If Local Governments Took Charge? Local Policymakers’ Attitudes Toward Gun Laws Across the U.S.
Emily Katz and Nathan Lee
January 2020


Women of color made history in local races around the country
Barbara Rodriguez, The 19th
November 22, 2020

#384 Developing Data-Driven Insights with Nathan Lee, CivicPulse
GovLove - A Podcast About Local Government from ELGL
October 27, 2020

Policy In The Time of COVID-19
Abby Bratton, Reporter
September 12, 2020

Improving Citizen Engagement in Online Forums & Public Meetings
Brian Murphy and Nathan Lee, ELGL
July 13, 2020

Will State Preemption Leave Cities More Vulnerable?
Alan Greenblatt, Governing
April 3, 2020